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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

Tribute to Real Ale - Queen's Arms, Brixham

Tribute to real ale, a mini festival, held at the Queen's Arms, Brixham on 4th December 2021

Numerous members attended this excellent little festival, although, at least early on, we were briefly outnumbered by members from Exeter branch, for some reason this seemed important to them.....

The beers and ciders were split between handpulls on the bar and gravity in the cellar. Due to the vagaries of Stagecoach bus timetables, I had to leave by 4pm, just as the first band started to set up. I'm sure the event would have turned into a great night for those able to stay

Some of the handpulls on the bar Some more handpulls on the bar! Beers and ciders in the cellar