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Campaign for Real Ale

Brewery Details

Barnaby’s Brewhouse based at Riverford's farm, design delicate organic craft beers and lagers designed to meet a range of tastes. Produced using the farm’s spring water, cold fermented, and conditioned over time, their lagers have a clean malt flavour.
Recently named one of the Heroes of Net Zero at COP26.

Regular Vegan Beers:

English IPA 5.4% ABV - Four types of organic malted barley give a distinctive red colour and malt character. Subtle bittering and hopping.

Green Tomato Saison – 6% ABV A Belgian farmhouse style beer which is earthy and spicy but with a tartness which comes from the green tomatoes. Champion National Organic Beer (soil assoc) 2019/2021,

EthicAle ABV 4%

Spiced Seville Ale – 5% ABV - Dark ale with the tang of marmalade from Seville Orange zest and delightfully subtle warm spices.

Dark Dunkel ABV 4.8% – Smooth dark lager with a hint of chocolate

Pilsner – 4.8% ABV - Subtle malt flavour

Bresecco – 7% ABV - A sparkling lager made with Spanish wine grapes then fermented and conditioned over time to produce a crisp, light alternative to sparkling wine.

Barnaby's brews, all bottled, can usually be found at;
Riverford Organics Farm shops; Totnes Brewing Co.; Wildmoor Deli, Bovey Tracy: The Old Library, Ashburton and many other places. Also available online through their website

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Barnaby's Brewhouse is Dave Buckler, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@riahcfb

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Bay's Brewery began in March 2007 when Will Freeland, Mark Salmon and Peter Salmon joined forces and signed a lease on an old 5000 square foot steel fabrication unit in Paignton. The transformation began towards the end of March and by the middle of June, after some considerable construction and installation works, it was running its first brew through the 20 barrel brew plant. The first two brews, Best and Gold, were successfully launched into local pubs simultaneously in the first week in July.
With Will Freeland’s experience as the head brewer at Skinners Brewery in Truro for ten years, Bays Brewery was quickly able to establish an efficient and consistent brewing regime. Bottles were launched in August 2007, the brewery shop was opened in October 2007 and the third ale, Bays Breaker, was made available in November 2007.
Since then, Devon Dumpling and Topsail have been added to the portfolio, and some of the original brews have become adapted into seasonal ales.

Regular Beers: Available in cask and bottle

Bays Gold (ABV 4.3%) - A light golden ale with lemon citrus overtones

Bays Devon Dumpling (ABV 5.1%) – Strong golden beer, smooth with a balanced sweetness

Bays Topsail ( ABV 4%) – Well balanced, deep amber colour with a subtle sweetness.

Also a variety of summer and winter seasonal ales.

Bays beers can usually be found at;
Offshore Bare & Restaurant - Torquay Boat House - Paignton Cary Arms Hotel - Torquay Atlantic Inn - Porthleven, Cornwall Duke of York – Iddesleigh and many other places. Also available online through their website.

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Bays Brewery is Dave Buckler, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@riahcfb

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Bridgetown Brewery The Albert Inn changed hands in December 2007. The new owners built a 2.5 barrel brewery which started brewing in April 2008.  The ales are now wholly made by the current landlord who supplies his own bar.

Regular Beers:

Albert Ale (AA - The Real Emergency Service) (ABV 3.8%) - A light easy session beer with well balanced hops and malt. Our most popular

Bridgetown Bitter (ABV 4.2%) - A traditional bitter. ​An easily drinkable beer ​slightly hoppy.

Shark Island Stout (ABV 4.5%) - A rich hop and malt aroma. Dry roasted hoppy stout with a deep finish of coffee, liquorice and hops.

Cheeky Blond (ABV 4.5%) - Straw coloured, heavily hopped with citrus notes.

Bridgetown Ales can usually be found at;
Albert Inn, Totnes

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Bridgetown Brewery is Paul (Grizzly) Adams, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@riahcgnitsat


Copperhead Ales is a fledgling brewery in Newton Abbot started in 2022. Beers are available in cask or bottle conditioned (the last part of the fermentation process happens in the bottle) and are vegan, made using only the finest British ingredients.
Cask ales are increasingly available in local free houses. Bottles are available in local markets around Newton Abbot and delivered to your door.

Regular Beers

Deliverance (ABV 5.4%) - Purest pale ale

Pale Rider (ABV4.1%) - Ace-high extra pale ale

Copperhead (ABV 4.6%) - Motley best bitter

Smoove (ABV 3.5%) - Velvet oatmeal stout

High Noon (ABV 6.6%) Double IPA

Black Flamingo (ABV 8.8%) - Imperial Stout

Sad Ken's (ABV 3.6%) - Lightning mild

Crucial Pils (ABV 4.4%) - Lager

July Flame (ABV 5.1%) - Hazed sunset pale

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Copperhead is currently John Betts, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@daehreppocolb

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Dartmoor Brewery was established in 1994 as Princetown Brewery by former Hop Back and Gibbs Mew brewer Simon Loveless. Brewing was increased to 60 barrels a week in 1998, supplying four pubs owned by a sister company and about 20 local pubs direct. A further expansion occurred in 2005 when £1 million was invested in a new building and German-built plant behind the old premises. The new brew-length is 30 barrels with scope to produce 60 barrels a day.

The brewery was renamed Dartmoor Brewery in May 2008. In 2010 three new 14,000-litre fermenting vessels were added to further increase capacity to cope with ever-growing demand. It is claimed to be the highest brewery in England at 1400 feet above sea level.

Beers are now available in bottles and are available in local pubs, off licenses and online through their website. The brewery is a member of  SIBA. Brewery tours are not currently available for members of the public. 

Regular Beers:

Dartmoor IPA (OG 1039.5, ABV 4.0%) - An amber coloured ale with a smooth thirst-quenching taste and subtle hop aroma

Legend (ABV 4.4%) - A classic cask-conditioned beer: smooth, full-flavoured and balanced, with a crispy malt fruit finish. 

Jail Ale (OG 1047.5, ABV 4.8%) - A full bodied, deep golden brown beer with a well-rounded flavour and a sweet moreish aftertaste.

Dartmoor Best (ABV 3.7%) – Amber ale with a dry hop citrus fruit character.

Dragon's Breath (ALC 4.4%) - Flavoured with black treacle, a unique winter warmer beer that was launched in the snows of December 2010. Deep ruby-brown coloured, rich and full-bodied with an aftertaste of morello cherries, Available from October to April.

Three Hares (ALC 4.4%) - A golden-brown ale with a rich spicy taste of Devon honey and a hint of apricots.

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Dartmoor Brewery is Ian Packham, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@namriahceciv

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Click for Devil's Pleasure website

The Devil's Pleasure Brewery produces hand-crafted beers full of hoppy notes and passion.

Based on the edge of beautiful Dartmoor craft beers; bold, unfiltered and intensely flavoured are produced

Regular Beers:
Hellishly Hoppy (ABV 4%) - Vibrant, fresh and delicious. Californian and German Hops combine to make a truly Hellishly Hoppy experience

West Coast IPA (ABV 4.6%) - Dry, mouth watering and punchy. Citrusy hop nose and finish. Australian and Californian hops create a craft beer for adventurous beer lovers

Breakfast Juice IPA (ABV 3.8%) - Truly craft: fresh and citrusy with an intensely grapefruit flavour. A session craft ale to be enjoyed any time of day.

Crafty Lager (ABV 4.5%) - Classic meets craft. A lager profile fused with hops sure to please lager lovers and craft beer enthusiast alike.

Neipa (ABV 4.5%) - New England IPA - punchy flavours and intense bittering. One for the discerning craft beer lover.

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Devil's Pleasure Brewery is Roger Little

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Riviera Brewing started commercial operations in April 2015 from a small 1 Barrel (300 pint) plant in Paignton.

Head Brewer Alan works for an Engineering Company and brews part time producing traditional ales Hops used range from the traditional Challenger, Fuggle and Golding but the RBC Ales also feature the use of Cascade, Bramling Cross and Chinook Hops.
The Ale is mainly sold directly the public in small cask, Bag in Box and bottle. 9 Gallon Firkin and 4.5 Gallon Pins are also available on an occasional basis in local pubs and festivals listed below. Christmas Ales are expected to be brewed including a strong Dark Winter Warmer and a light Pale Ale.

Regular Beers:

Riviera Gold 4.2% - A deep golden Pale Ale citrus fruit flavours and a lingering hoppiness

RBC Best 3.8% - Lightly hopped session ale with a caramel and nutty taste and a fruity finish

Devonian 4.1% - Amber coloured and easy drinking with a floral citrus finish.

Other ales brewed occasionally include:
Christmas Gold (ABV 4%) – A pale hoppy ale.
Drunken Porter (ABV4.3%) – Dark ruby ale with a full malty flavour and a hoppy finish
Torbay Express 4.8% - A first class premium ale with a spicy bitterness and light citrus aroma
Beach Blonde 4.1% - A light hoppy summer ale brewed with Citra hops.

Riviera Brewing ales can usually be found at;
Tuckers Maltings Bottle Shop and Tap House, Newton Abbot; Devonport Arms, Paignton; The Railway Inn, Newton Abbot, The Wolborough Inn, Newton Abbot
And the following Beer festivals: Ipple Tipple, Abbfest and South Devon CAMRA Sunshine Beer & Cider Festival, Teignmouth

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Riviera Brewery is Phil (Billy) Kidd, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@gnirocsreeb

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The Salcombe Brewery started trading on 1 May 2016, brewing and distributing several cask bottled ales.
The award-winning, SALSA accredited brewery produces a range of premium cask ale and keg products. Nestled in the Devon countryside, overlooking the world famous Salcombe Estuary, the brew house is situated on a decommissioned reservoir, which helps keep the beer naturally cool.
Capacity: 20 barrel brewery, 15 fermenting vessels
There is an additional site to house bottling, canning and kegging lines alongside packaging and fermenting capabilities. This additional site also features cask and keg storage together with distribution activities.

Together with the regular range of ales and beers, a small batch series is brewed each year, consisting of 4 differing styles.

Regular Beers:

Devon Amber 3.8% - Classic best bitter. Delightfully dry and hoppy

Shingle Bay 4.2% - Light easy drinking session ale with fruit aroma and taste. A crisp revitalising finish.

Salcombe Gold 4.2% - Straw coloured refreshing ale made with North American hops giving a wonderful hop aroma and lasting hoppy taste (cask only)

Seahorse 4.4% - Smooth drinking deep gold coloured ale with a spicy hop character

Lifesaver 4.8% - A refreshing deep copper coloured ale with a smack of citrus and orange peel and luscious malty flavour. Dry citrus finish with a hint of liquorice

Island Street Porter 5.9% - A velvety, delicately bitter porter with just a hint of sweetness. Eight different malts combine to suggest dark chocolate, coffee and black cherry. While the aroma pleasingly suggests Black Forest gateau.

• World Beer Awards – England Winner 2023
• Champion Beer Award by Taste of the West 2020,
• Gold award winner by SIBA 2019.

Craft Beer:

Breeze Lager 4.0% - a refreshing session lager using two contrasting British hops, Jester and Boadicea. The Jester brings hints of tropical fruit while the Boadicea introduces subtle spicy notes with hints of orchard blossom.

Pale Ale 4.6% - a fresh, full-bodied and powerfully hopped pale ale. Its orange twist raises a glass to Salcombe’s 19th century fruit trade, with orange, pink grapefruit and anise on the nose. Dry hopped with Summit and Simcoe, for a robust, complex beer that’s bursting with flavour.

Sundrop 4.6% - uses a blend of American hops to create an intensely fruity and citrusy aroma which really packs a punch. This gluten free and vegan friendly, dry-hopped ale is packed full of all the flavour you would expect from a regular ale.

Pilsner 5.4% - uses the finest British malt and has a delicate floral and herbal aroma, derived from the noble Czech and German hops. The gentle malt flavour complements the bittersweet palate, culminating in a crisp, dry finish.

Salcombe's ales are available in many pubs in and around our area, from their brewery shop onsite, and also via their online shop at

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Salcombe Brewery is Dave Buckler, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@ebmoclasolb

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South Hams Drinks, formerly Sutton Brewing, moved to its present site in 2003, with a 10-barrel plant and plenty of room to expand. It supplies more than 60 outlets in Plymouth and South Devon. Wholesalers are used to distribute to other areas. Two pubs are owned by the brewery. The brewery is a member of  SIBA. Brewery tours are available by arrangement.

Regular Beers:

Devon Pride (OG 1039, ABV 3.8%) - A dark amber colour beer, with a fruity aroma. Rich in flavour, this beer defies its A.B.V. with a surprising amount of body. Smooth to drink, with a malty palate and hints of fruit leading to further fruit in the finish

Eddystone (OG 1050, ABV 4.8%) - This golden IPA has a distinctly fruity aroma and a very fruity palette. Slight hints of malt follow afterwards, but then the fruit returns! A not so bitter beer that uses Cascade hops in abundance to deliver its character

Pandemonium (OG 1050, ABV 5%)

Stumble Bee (4.2%) – A hoppy beer with a touch of local honey

Sherman (ABV 6.4%) An American Pale Ale, overflowing with a combination of American hops, this fruity beer raises a glass to all our locals and the Gi’s that participated in Operation Tiger.

Wild Blonde (ABV 4.4%) (spring and summer) - A golden coloured beer that is seriously refreshing. The light beer is overflowing with fruit in the palette; Styrian and Goldings hops are unmistakable in its distinctive fruity aroma

Hopnosis (ABV 4.5%) (spring and summer)

Prawn Juice (ABV 4.0%)

Black + White (ABV 5.2%) - A dark stout

Devon Porter (ABV 5%)

South Hams ales can usually be found at;
Tradesmans Arms, Stokenham;  Pigs Nose, East Prawle ; Queens Arms, Slapton;  Tower Inn, Slapton and, of course, at The Taphouse, Stokeley Barton Barns, Stokenham

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for South Hams Brewery is Roger Little,, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@smahhtuosolb

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Teignmouth brewery is situated in the ground floor of a warehouse building in The Old Quay Road in Teignmouth. The brewer, John Norish, learned his trade at Teignworthy brewery in Newton Abbot where he worked for 14 years. The brewery has been operational since May 2019. John feels he has cemented the foundations to push the brewery in the direction that he wants it to go. He sees Teignmouth brewery, in the future, having a big stamp within Devon. John currently brews using a six barrel kit but soon hopes to purchase a 12 barrel kit. After growing his client base, from around Devon - Dorset - Bristol - Birmingham and Wales, he has big plans for the future but likes taking small sensible steps one at a time.

Regular Beers:

Templer (ABV 4.0%) - a light amber ale, when poured it has a light head with sweet floral hints and a smooth finish. Leaving you wanting more.

Portside (ABV 4.3%) - a crisp, bronze ale. Full bodied, with hints of fruits, caramel and sweet biscuit aroma. It has a secret recipe of malt giving it a distinctive flavour.

Deckhand (ABV 4.4%) - a delicious golden ale. It’s made with the finest pale malt and a mixture of beautiful citrus hops. It’s a very drinkable beer and even better in the summer months.

Teignmouth ales can usually be found at;
The Blue Anchor, Teignmouth; Devon Arms, Teignmouth; The Brass, Teignmouth; Social Club, Teignmouth; Ferry Boat, Shaldon; Gresham, Dawlish; White Hart, Dawlish; Swan, Dawlish.

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Teignmouth Brewery is Dave Buckler. ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@riahcfb

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Teignworthy brewery was established in 1994 by John and Rachel Lawton and is located in part of the historic  Tuckers Maltings. There are regular tours of the maltings from Easter to the end of October, which includes the brewery and a sample of beer (tel: 01626 334734 or  for details).

The brewery is a 20-barrel plant and produces an average of 30-35 barrels a week using malt from Tuckers. Production has increased due to Progressive Beer Duty, which levies lower rates of duty on smaller brewers. It supplies 75 outlets in Devon and Somerset, and some beers from the range are bottled on site and are available through mail order direct from the website. The brewery is a member of  SIBA.

Regular Beers:
Reel Ale (OG 1039.5, ABV 4.0%) - Clean sharp tasting bitter with long lasting hoppiness from a blend of English hops
Neap Tide (3.8%) – A tasty, fruity bitter
Beachcomber (OG 1045.5, ABV 4.5%) - Light in colour with a refreshing citrus taste & a dry finish
Gun Dog (4.3%) – Light in colour with a floral fruity aromatic finish
Thirsty Blonde(4.2%) - A very clean flavoured straw coloured ale, fairly bitter with a dry and crisp finish flavour.

Seasonal Beers & Specials:
Amy's Ale (ABV 4.8%)
Martha's Mild (ABV 5.3%) (available in April and October) - A classic mild
Christmas Cracker (ABV 6.0%) (available in December)

Bottled Beers:
Most beers are available in bottle-conditioned form

Black Dog Gin is also produced at the brewery.

Teignworthy ales can usually be found at;
The Maltings Taphouse, Rugglestone Inn Widecombe in the Moor, Kestor at Manaton, Kings Arms Buckfastleigh, Linny Inn Coffinswell, Palk Arms Hennock, Welcome Stranger Bickington, Sandy Park Inn Chagford, Fingle Bridge Inn Drewsteignton

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Teignworthy Brewery is Billy Kidd, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@yhtrowngietolb

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Founded in 2014, after combining the Castle Inn & The Barrel House, The Totnes Brewing Co. was born. The brewery is situated at the rear of a bistro/bar in Totnes. It has a portfolio of 6 main ales plus additional specials. Ales are unfined, unfiltered and vegetarian or vegan and production of up to its capacity of 6 barrels a week are sold almost exclusively in the pub.

Regular Beers:
Ink 5.2% Somewhere between a chocolate malted porter and a dark mild there are flavours of cocoa, coffee and liquorice with burnt toffee notes.

Woodsmans IPA 4.2%. A light and pale hoppy bitter with a citrus finish.

Duck Medicine 4.2%. Made with New Zealand hops, this is a lively well-rounded, well-hopped white grapey pale ale.

Ziggy’s Chin 5.3%. A bitter rye pale ale with earthy spiceyness, well-hopped with New Zealand hops.

Tropango 5%. A light unfiltered fruity ale with a juicy mango flavour and a soft bitter finish.

Totnes Brewing Co ales can usually be found at; Barrel House, Totnes

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for Totnes Brewing Co. is Roger Little, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@sentotolb

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TQ Beerworks Logo

TQ Beerworks is a small family run brewery, dedicated to bringing modern, exciting, new age craft beer to Torbay and the surrounding area.
Currently a 6BBL brewery producing a mix of modern and classic styles in both keg and cask format.
There is a taphouse in Torquay (TQ Beerworks Taphouse) with 10 keg lines & 4 cask lines which are regularly rotating with fresh brews.

Regular Beers:
The Stout
The Stout is very malt forward, and has a luscious smooth body courtesy of the flaked oats used in the mash. Rich deep flavours of Dark Chocolate and Coffee dominate, backed up by Tobacco and dark fruit notes. ABV: 5.4%

Occasional Beers include:
The American Pale Ale bridges the gap between our Pale Ale and IPA. Expect a substantial citrus and mango hop punch backed up by a solid malt backbone. ABV:5.3%

The Pale Ale
Light and sessionable, but still packed full of aromatic, fruity, citrusy hops. ABV: 4.2%

Our Flagship, hop bomb American IPA. Expect massive flavours of citrus, tropical fruit and resin, supported by a substantial malt base with a bitter finish. ABV: 6.2%

The Double Stout
Uses twice the amount of roasted malt of The Stout. Big, bold flavours of bitter dark chocolate, roasted coffee and pungent dark fruit. Not for the faint of heart.

TQ beers can usually be found at;
TQ Beerworks Taphouse (Torquay), Pig & Pickle Micropub (Exeter), The Cockleshell Micropub (Saltash), Things Happen Here (Dartington), The Durant Arms (Ashprington), Topsham Brewery (Exeter), 5 Walls Hop House (Paignton)

South Devon CAMRA's Brewery Liaison Officer for TQ Beerworks is Roger Little, ku.gro.armac.novedhtuos@skrowqtolb

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